Sobouh Rahimi

Adobe is pulling ahead in the AI race: A look at innovations Adobe MAX

This week, Adobe hosted its annual showcase event, Adobe Max. Adobe publicly released its innovations during the conference and gave a sneak peek of what’s to come. A company that was once behind in its AI innovations is now ahead of the game by a longshot – how’d they do it?

5 Major Shifts in Climate Talks: Takeaways from NYC Climate Week 2023

Climate Week NYC is a whirlwind of independent high-profile events, conferences, and forums where participants discuss topics like renewable energy, sustainable business practices, climate policy, and environmental innovation. Hosted during the UN General Assembly, the events provide a platform for leaders to announce new climate-related commitments and initiatives – while bringing the worldwide climate community together.

Untaming Nature: creating a sustainable climate innovation mindset.

Our environment has been taken out of context and domesticated in every aspect. Human dominance has been normalized and has subsequently created an unbalanced power dynamic. We’ve reached a point where we must address this power dynamic before creating truly equitable climate innovations and solutions. This reflection will do just that – it will address […]

Renewable Energy & The Biden Administration

Written by Abigail Culver, Sobouh Rahimi, and Faith Walton for Case Studies in Energy & Sustainability Capstone, April 22, 2021. Ever since the first Earth Day on April 22nd, 1970, people have become more concerned about humanity’s impact on the environment yet have become increasingly reliant on the energy sources that pollute our ecosystems. Renewable […]